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To provide experience in trades & support small business entrepreneurship through mentorship & establishing a foundation to build on.


To enable our veteran community to pursue their goals & passions through enterperneurship and connecting our local communities.


To provide an atmosphere of camaraderie & stability to ensure the success of our veterans & their future endevors.


We are located at
7581 New Bern Hwy, Maysville, NC 28555


Why Eastern
North Carolina?

The Eastern North Carolina is home to more than 125,000 military veterans and more than 52,000 active duty and reserve members. Easten North Carolina has seen amazing growth in all of its sectors, from the workforce, to the neighborhoods, to the culture, to the schools. Time and time again, Eastern North Carolina has appeared at the top of many lists on best places to live, work, and grow in the United States.  The goal is to establish networking from across sections of industries and to create a valuable veteran entrepreneur program in Eastern North Carolina. By integrating a network that would reduce inefficiencies in the transition process, we aim to increase the impact veterans have in our community, thus making Easten North Caolina the place of choice for veterans.

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